My Annual Moan

(They look like they are members of a local militia, but armed with leaf blowers, not automatic weapons! That, at least, is a good thing.)

Yes, every year (or maybe twice a year?) I write about the noise of lawnmowers and leaf blowers. (Although don’t forget that I applauded the use of leaf blowers in Portland as a way to disperse tear gas.)

Anyhow – here you can find out why it is a GOOD idea to leave your leaves alone. Yes. It is good – good for noise reduction, good for bugs, good for your garden, etc.

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1 Response to My Annual Moan

  1. Florence Treadwell says:

    Couldn’t agree more… this morning, even my good neighbour to my right was going around his yard doing his blow job 😲🤭🤐

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