whales and noise (again)

Yes, more on the impact of noise on whales (and other sea life.)

I have never been sure if whale watching is a good thing – for the whales. Fun for us, but maybe not so much fun for them.

There are many places where you can watch whales. One of the first locations was off Húsavík, in north Iceland. They started running tours in 1995. And were very successful.

Now, they are using electric boats for these tours. The whales seem pleased (they come closer and stay around for longer). The captain doesn’t go home with a huge headache. And the watchers are watching in a quiet space, where they can hear the whales, not the loud deisel engine! Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

You can read about the boats right here.

It still might be ‘wrong’ to go out and bug the whales. (Would you like it if boats came around your home, with people wanting to stare at you? I doubt it.) But at least it can be done quietly!

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