This blog is about dealing with the noise/sound around us. We live in an increasingly noisy world. For some of us, this is a painful, annoying, stressful experience. This blog will look at noise, at noise pollution, at dealing with noise, at distinguishing noise and sound, and related ideas.

2 Responses to About

  1. Kate Barber says:

    I’ve posted on most of your other pages but just to say this is a great blog, on a subject (not always comfortably) close to my heart.

  2. robertneff says:

    Wish St. Petersburg, Florida could get into a study like this. Here is our issue. I have reversed engineered the data and made starting discoveries that the police have not issued any noise citations to businesses from 2009-2016, while residents have called 27,636 total times. > Noise pollution ordinance in St Petersburg wastes resident’s tax dollars http://www.fifthworldart.com/noise-pollution-ordinance-in-st-petersburg-wastes-residents-tax-dollars.asp

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