I am very bothered by what I experience as unnecessary and unpleasant noise. And that covers a LOT of sounds! I assume that my sensitivity is annoying to those around me, since I can get quite cranky and petulant when my ears are blasted (or even just sort-of blasted.) In other words, it takes very low level noises to bother me. Unless I am making the noises!  I am an amateur musician, so I also make a lot of noise/sound/music. So there have been times when I have been implicated in making annoying noise/sound.

Thus this blog, where I hope to explore the issue of noise and how we deal with it in our lives.

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  1. A. says:

    Wow! You have been busy! I am amazed by your level of reflection into noise – sound – etc.
    Not surprising given what I see as your passion for music. I am also amazed by your professional looking blog – others have told me (and I have been on) WordPress is easy to use- is it?? I know you are tech savvy – but is it really?
    You find work quiet? really? must be because I am away 🙂 I truly appreciate how noisy life is when I am at the lake where it is it quiet (well not people made sounds so much) – birds (particularly annoying crow – and woodpecker) – they favour 5am start – annoying.

    Glad to see how much fun you can have here – maybe this is where I will find the “hybrid” part of your “new” course???

  2. Kate Barber says:

    Hello, I wish I’d come here first to post a reply as I’ve posted on the ‘Noise per day’ section, summarising all my particular – and seemingly peculier to myself – sound-triggers. In brief, I am distressed – and horribly startled by! – anything being shut, and by people. Doors (any), gates, lids, cases….. Thuds, clangs and clatter also distress me, when it’s the sounds of other peoples’ living and activities. As does people tapping, rapping, slapping, and hands being clapped together – when there’s no good reason for it.

    I wish I could hear of/from anyone who shared these particular triggers but I haven’t, so far.

    Yet loud music (of any type) doesn’t upset me at all – in fact I often love it! I don’t mind hearing people’s radios or TVs either (and I hear that some poeple find this annoying). I’d be far happier living next door to a musician than to most other ‘noisy’ people.

  3. Arline L. Bronzaft says:

    Want to say thank you to the author for including my work on this site. Would want to do this more personally, so I would like to have author’s name and email address. Secondly, thank you for your efforts on alerting people to the dangers of noise. Noise is indeed a health hazard.

    • Hi – This is Craig Paterson, host of the Noise Curmudgeon blog. I am not sure if this reply will provide you with my email, so here it is:

      I am glad that you like my efforts at alerting people to the issue of noise and noise pollution. As a musician, I am often caught in that grey area between ‘noise’ and ‘sound/music’.

      Have you seen the movie “Noise”, with Tim Robbins as a person dealing with noise in NYC?

      Take care,


  4. Sarah says:

    I live this blog and plan to return to read more. I, too, am very annoyed by noise. I believe I may have hyperacusis or something because I HATE noise! We recently had new neighbors move in next door and our once lovely, quiet neighborhood has a new nappy dog and four insanely loud people. I am often in tears as we can’t afford to move and these people are SO LOUD.

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