Noise per Day List

This page tracks the various noises/sounds that I encounter that I find annoying or painful.  I know that this leads me closer and closer to the role of “noise crank”, but I am doing it in order to both pay attention and notice what noises/sounds in my soundscape bother me;  and then, hopefully, to find ways to decrease or eliminate the ones that bother me.

June 6, 2012

Today I was at a drumming circle.  Was this noise or sound or music?  It depends on whether it bothers you. Yes, it was quite loud.  If I had taken along my decibel reader, it would probably have read around 80 dbs. (I will do this next week just to find out.) And 80 dbs. is in the zone of damaging hearing. (See my post for today on ear plugs.)

And yet I enjoyed the experience, and thus the sounds were not annoying.  But if I had been sitting in the room next door, having to listen to ten people drumming incessantly, I would have defined it as annoying noise. Thus, noise is in the ear of the beholder.

June 7, 2012

Thunder storm last night. Here again we encounter the dichotomy of ‘noise’ and ‘sound’.  Thunder is exciting; such a powerful sound emanating from the skies. No wonder people in the past thought there was an angry god up there! But it is also loud and disruptive. Our late dog used to scramble through the house, trying to hide from thunder storms – into the bathtub, under my desk, into a closet. What was she reacting to? The pure volume? A psychological stimulus?

June 15, 2012

Lots of noise today. We have some little dogs who live next door. The instant they see anything moving, they start a shrill, cranium-cracking barking, sparking off each other. So they were at it today.

And, earlier, when I was walking up on the main street near our house, an ambulance started its siren right behind me. I just about fell over!  (Soon there will be a posting about sirens and their history and their impact on us. )

On a later walk today, I remembered to wear my custom-made, attenuated earplugs.  I should be on TV, shilling for the earplug makers.  I LOVED it.  I usually forget to wear them; but today, i remembered, and they cut down the noise level very effectively.  Cars were swishing by, rather than grinding by.  Very good experience!

June 16, 2012

Just so you know – I won’t post a noise every day.  That would be TOO curmudgeonly! But it will be a frequent addition. None today so far, except for the dogs. Again.

June 17, 2012

True, it is now two days later – but.  My neighbour again.  Lovely man.  But has a megaforce of tools.  Sunday it was seemingly, midafternoon, time to use his new pressure washer machine, (running on gas, I think!) to wash down the walkways up to his door.  Given his deafness, I suspect he has NO idea how bloody loud it was!  We were out on the back deck, reading, when it started.  I got out my earplugs, but still had to retreat inside after about 15 minutes.  Wow!  And on a Sunday too!  AND Father’s Day!!!

this is not my neighbour, but ……

June 21, 2012
Today I saw a guy walking down a sidewalk with a leaf-blower in his hand, blithely blowing freshly mowed grass off his sidewalk!  Perhaps a broom would have worked?  Or let nature takes its course?  But no – had to have a machine.  (Apparently people have been shot in the USA over excessive leaf-blower usage!)

notice – no ear protection!

June 22, 2012

Today, once again, it was lawn mowing! Another neighbour, who usually uses just a gas powered push mower, had a huge riding lawnmower in the backyard!  I guess he figured he needed large artillery this time to deal with grass. I was planning to do some planting in the backyard, but instead hastened indoors.

Great – neither of them has ear protection!

Wow – a way to get exercise, use no gas, cut the lawn and make almost NO noise! Where do we get one?

June 22, 2012 (again)

Have I mentioned the power-vented hot water tank in my basement? Its exhaust exists the house just outside one of our windows.  It creates an annoying rattling noise, quite loud, so loud in fact that when we first heard it we thought it was a truck out on the street! But of course, it wasn’t. So several times a day, it “vents” –  and I then want to “vent” too!  Beware when you get a new hot water tank!!!

June 24, 2012

So far today, only the power-vented water tank, and some birds.  For better or for worse, I am getting more used to the hot water tank venting noise. (Although, if I had the money, I might replace it!)

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, the husky dog owned by my neighbour up the street started howling.  I went over to the house and the dog was out on the veranda of the second floor, looking sad and lonely.  But too bad!  Howling is howling.  So I went home and called and left a message.  The howling stopped soon after that; not sure why.  But hey, no howling is no howling.  So we can make impact on the noisescape around us!

Today –  once again, my neighbour got out the riding lawnmower (a different neighbou!) and off he went.  Fortunately I was leaving for work just as he cranked it up so I only got a tidbit of the engine noise.

July 6, 2012

It has been a while since I posted anything on the Noise per day List.  I have been at work, which is a pretty quiet environment.  What I have noticed, by contrast, is when I am sitting out on our back deck, the hum of the nearby Quaker Oats factory provides a constant irritant. (Yes there are some birds too which are noisy, but ….)  BUT this factory!  Wow!  Sometime soon I am taking my sound level machine up there to test it out. i will report back later .


Sept. 9, 2012

A few days ago the muffler on my car died!  Suddenly I was rumbling down the streets, with a huge noise emanating from the belly of my Ford Taurus.  How embarrassing for the NC!  But I noticed that not many people turned to look as I drove by! Are we all that inured to loud cars rolling by?  Yikes!  I got it fixed a day later, and now I am back to just the normal level of car noise.

3 Responses to Noise per Day List

  1. Kate Barber says:

    Ugh! I also HATE the noise of dogs. I only like a dog if it’s like a cat! But we’re all supposed to love doggies so one mustn’t complain about them. Duh!

  2. Kate Barber says:

    It’s me again, so hope you don’t mind me ‘double posting’. Just had to say, WHERE would one get that amazing Rider-Lawn Mower!? And WHO designed and made it?
    Incidently I live in England and this is probably only obtainable in America, just my luck.

    I love the sound of a hand lawn mower. All these silly powered ones are just a HUGE status-statement used by pr*ts who sod the world by choosing not to consider others’ sensibilities.

  3. Dennis says:

    Let’s see, annoying noises recently encountered…

    This list would be endless, so I will focus on just one: music. Yes, I hate music. Well, other people’s music, foisted upon me the way other people’s smells would never be, because it’s rude, and yet it has about the same effect and is equally unwelcome.

    Why is it that every place people congregate has to have background music? Every mall, every Canadian Tire, every Walmart — they all have to have music. It is inescapable. Why? Is it to maintain a veneer of entertainment, so that the dull, ugly business of consumption won’t be too obvious? I’m not just buying crap I don’t need, I’m having fun, because, listen, that’s Kenny G!!

    I will not go to some stores for this reason. Biggest culprit: Future Shop. It’s basically a big metal box with 3 or 4 different styles of awful music spewing from 3 or 4 different car audio, home stereo, or TV sound systems, all cranked up.

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