Europe and noise

This article just came across my screen. Those Europeans are pretty serious about decreasing noise levels!



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Do you commute? If yes, read this!

This came across my screen today, as part of an alert.

A train

I am passing it on to you, the NC readers.  The key finding?  Commuting is a noisy endeavour!

The research was done in Toronto, so we even have Canadian content.  And at the end of it is a link to the research.



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Transit is Noisy!

Who would have thought that transit was noisy! My goodness, what an idea. Brakes, acceleration, bells, grinding, etc.  Yes, noisy.


Toronto’s TTC seems to fit the bill.  Read all about it here.

Definitely time to get those earplugs out.  They will also help block out the omnipresent onslaught of Christmas music.  (Can you find a place where there is NO Christmas music? Let us know!!)

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Christmas Music update

Yes, it is getting to that time of year!  Some of my neighbours have their lights up already!

xmas in mall

This article isn’t about noise (though it makes a brief reference to volume) – but it does bolster the argument about playing music that impinges on everybody, without anyone giving their permission for the impingement.

Have a good December, and I hope you are not bombarded by music you don’t want to hear!

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Electric Cars Will Sing

Electric cars will sing

Have you ever been taken by surprise by a hybrid or electric car suddenly and silently appearing beside you?  It can be quite a shock.

electric car

Well, Nissan is ready to address the danger of silent electric cars – they are going to have them sing! This year Nissan has introduced its new “Canto” model, so named because “cantera” is Latin for “to sing”, and “Canto” means “I sing”.

The EU and other jurisidictions have legislated that electric cars have to make some noise as a safety measure for blind or visually impaired pedestrians who will no longer have petrol engine sounds to warn them of approaching vehicles. To meet these requirements, Nissan states:

“The Canto will change the sound Nissan cars make while driving, varying in pitch and tone depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, decelerating or reversing, almost sounding like electronic music.” (

Sadly, if you watch this video, the “singing” of this car is as annoying as the accelerating/decelerating noise of a regular car. Let’s hope they improve the vocals before they ship them out to dealers!

If you watch this video, which tells you more abou this new car, try to figure out if the voice-over is a human being or a computer.

(BTW – if you have not sat inside a hybrid or electric car, you should try one.  The QUIET is absolutely amazing! Really and truly!)

Let’s hope they solve the warning noise issue and that we can get more electric and therefore quiet cars on the road. But maybe they can re-think the singing.



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Greetings.  The NC has been off the radar for a while!

Today I got an email from a friend who has just started reading R. Murray Schafer’s book “Soundscape”.  Which led me to reminiscing about Shafer’s foundational contribution to the whole field of studying noise and its impact on the world.


So today, an older NFB film about Mr. Schafer.  You can view it here.

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Jets (the ones in the air, not the football team)





jet engine

Not much to say today.  This link tells the whole story.  Let’s just hope that the companies that design and build jet engines pay attention.

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