Jets (the ones in the air, not the football team)





jet engine

Not much to say today.  This link tells the whole story.  Let’s just hope that the companies that design and build jet engines pay attention.

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Challenging Traffic Noise

Traffic Noise

Nissan and DigitasLBi have made a trio of videos showing the problem of traffic noise.

traffic noise

Nissan (the auto company) has started a campaign to promote its electric cars by selling them as a way to get rid of traffic noise.  (Apparently 80% of city noise pollution in Europe is from traffic! And as we all know, traffic noise is an issue in all cities and towns.)

The company that made the videos, DigitasLBi, says: “By literally bringing the traffic noise of European cities to the yoga studio, a picnic and a camping spot, the spots aim to highlight just how ‘unacceptable’ traffic noise is.”

You can see the three videos here.

Let’s hope the campaign raises awareness of traffic noise.  And I guess if Nissan (and other auto companies) get to sell electric cars, then good for them.  And maybe some day, our cities and our world will be quieter.

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Baseball and Noise

I am posting today because i want to let people know that talking to organizers of events can be effective!

Image result for baseball diamond Peterborough

Last year, exactly a year ago to the Canadian August long weekend, there was a weekend long baseball tournament in the baseball park near my house.  Yeah, I like hearing the crack of the ball and the cheering – that’s fine.  What I didn’t like last year was the volume of the music being blasted between games, on into the late evening!

I went down to the park to complain and found that I knew the convenor – she works in my local grocery store.  She said she would try to control the volume – and she did try – but it didn’t pan out.

The next week we talked about it some more, when I saw her in the store.  And over the year, we have talked more about it.

This year – the tournament came again.  And I barely noticed it!  In fact, I would have said it hadn’t happened. Yesterday I saw Cindy in the store and she said “How was it?” And I had no idea what she was talking about (though I figured it out!).  She told me that she had spent the weekend monitoring the music levels and turning it down. I thanked her profusely, and told her I would be posting the happy news on The Noise Curmudgeon. So here it is –  yes, the baseball folk were happy; and our little neighbourhood was happy.  Yahoo!!  A big thanks to Cindy!!

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Perceptions of Sound

On being curmudgeonly about sound/noise

[This post is going up on a Friday – I will be busy on Sunday, the traditional NC posting day.]

park bench

This showed up today day as a Google alert viz. The Noise Curmudgeon.

I couldn’t pass up posting it.  It lays it out perfectly – the different ways we perceive sounds around us.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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The Marble Machine Orchestra

The Marble Machine Orchestra

Yes, you read that correctly. It is a machine that uses marbles to make music.

marble machine

This machine is made in Sweden, and “generates mellifluous melodies with a multitude of marbles”. (I found out about it from a Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue.)  As you might think, it is related to the old Orchestrions, which I posted about a while ago.

You too can own one for only $95,000.00 USD. (Yes, you read that correctly, too.)

Watch it work here.

If you want to know more about how it works, watch this video.

IF you buy one, let us know, and send us video footage of your performance!

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More from Gordon Hempton

This is a short post today.

I wrote about Gordon Hempton a while ago.


Mr.Hempton has done a lot of work making us aware of the need to protect “silent” spaces.

Here is a recent video of him talking about the idea of listening to nature. It is interesting that parts of the video have no soundtrack, and others do. I found it surprising, and wondered if I had accidently muted the sound! That is how used we are to always having a soundtrack around us.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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A/C units

Air conditioners

Since it is summer, those of us who dislike noise are gearing up to launch complaints about lawn mowers, outdoor concerts, various power tools, and, inside our homes, the noise of air conditioners.  (If you have central air condition, I guess there is not much noise? But if you use window AC, then ….. well, then you are going to have noise. At some level.)

We recently ordered a possible solution to this issue – or at least a diminuation of it –  a Haier Serenity Series Quiet AC unit.  It has arrived and soon, once the heat arrives, I will put it in our bedroom window. (In previous years, the noise of the AC in the window has really bothered me, so here’s hoping!)

air conditioner

This machine apparently has a unique motor system that decreases the noise level, and a compressor blanket to muffle the sound of the motor.  You can watch their little advertisement here.

You can read what Haier says about this machine here. And here you can see one of their ads; a slightly odd video, but their point is clear – this is a quiet machine. And here is another of their videos, featuring “Blabberbox”, the evil, invasive AC unit. (There is a whole series of these slightly funny videos.)

I will keep you posted on how quiet it really is, once we get it up and running.

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