Books and Sites to check

1. George Prochnik –  “In Pursuit of Silence”  (Here is also a link to Prochnik’s site )

2. Garret Keizer – “The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want”.  This is a book about noise.  Keizer travels to motorcycle rallies, into the woods, around noisy neighbourhoods.

3. Sarah Maitland – ” A Book of Silence”.  A memoir of Maitland’s search for silence.

4. Bernie Krause – “The Great Animal Orchestra”.  A wonderful journey into Krause’s work as a sound recorder and a naturalist and a man in search of silence.

5. Toop, David.  “Sinister Resonance” –  interesting look at sound and its presence in the world around us. On the dust jacket: “The close listener is like a medium who draws out substance from that which is not entirely there.”  Toop looks at sound in literature and visual art.


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