This is sort of like the old question about the tree falling in the forest. The answer is: yes, the falling tree does move the air as it falls, but if there are no ears nearby to process the sound waves, then there is no sound. (If we decide to be anthrocentric, and assume that if no human is present, there is nothing of significance which will hear it. Which is unlikely to be the case in a forest. So something hears it.)

NASA recently landed its newest rover thing, Perseverance, on Mars. If you have ever wondered if there was noise on Mars, you now have an answer – yes. No ears heard it, but it did get recorded. And now you can hear it.

Check it out here.

And here you can watch more about the Mars mission.

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This short essay reminds us to stop and sit and listen, preferably out in ‘nature’ somewhere.

You can start hearing a lot things you miss in the busyness of life. This is not a brilliant insight – but it is always good to be reminded.

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Noise from Amazon

Not the river. But that other Amazon. It wants to build a new distribution centre in Spanish Fort, Alabama. It would cover 24 acres of land. The plan is to spend $45 million on it and hire about 100 people. Amazon has other sites in Alabama – one is 362,000 square feet; the other is 855,000 square feet. (This one, in Bessemer, is at the center of a unionization push!)

But the proposal is facing push back from residents who are concerned about the amount of noise that the center will make. Trucks, small and large, will be coming and going at all hours, and people who live nearby don’t want the noise that will create.

You can read about this here. I fear the outcome. But maybe, just maybe, “regular” folk will win??

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A lead from FT

Today I got an email with a link. To THIS story.

It is rather amazing – two musician parents recorded their daughter in utero, and used the sound waves to generate music. Watch the video to see/hear what they ended up with. (Thanks to FT for the tip.)

[NB – Do not micro-dose before watching. Or whatever.]

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Noize in the house!

I couldn’t pass up sending this story out!

The morals of the story? First, when in doubt, check one more time before calling 911!

Second – be willing to share your embarrassment on social media.

(BTW – When you see the photo – is that an electric toothbrush? Mine is much larger.)

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Noise Dilemma

Well, here is a hard one to sort out. Yes, we all dislike noise, as in those sounds we don’t like.

In this case from Florida, I have to side on the side of the noise makers. Why? To use American legal language, their First Amendment protects freedom of speech and in this situation I agree with the BLM protestors.

There are two clarifying points to make here. First, the noise bylaw in New Port Richey was created to help control noise from bars and clubs. It was not set up to curtail protesting. Secondly, apparently the noise complaints were not initiated by citizens, but only by police, which would support the BLM protestors claims that they were being targeted by the police.

In addition, various groups (seemingly linked to the Proud Boys) have threatened the BLM protestors. Read more on that here. Carry on, BLM movement! It is your constitutional right to protest. Make even more noise if it draws attention to your cause.

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Noise and Sound in 2021

It is now 2021. The world got much quieter last year, due to ….. yes, covid. And it is still quite quiet.

But in my wee town of Peterborough, Ontario, things got out of hand with regard to dealing with some noise. Someone tried to talk to a neighbour about their noise. And not long afterwards, the police arrived to arrest the neighbour. Read more here. Rather amazing, though when I think about it, it is not that amazing. Noise and stress and anger and self-centredness can create a volatile moment.

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#2 Today! Quiet Chamber

(Thanks to Mary for sending this to me!)

I couldn’t pass up the chance to get this to you ASAP!

When the pandemic is over(?), perhaps some of us should take a trip to Minneapolis to visit this place? It ‘sounds’ like a powerful experience.

Read about it here.

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Noise in Leicester

Wow – they take their noise by-laws seriously in England!

After ignoring warnings, this household had its stereo equipment confiscated. Rather amazing.

Could we have that happen with lawnmowers and leafblowers? And other noisy things?

Read the story here.

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Noise and Eating

No, not the actual noise made when a person eats. This is in reference to restaurants.

And yes, this blog has discussed the issue of noise in restaurants a few times now.

But a recent article reminded me of it again.

Perhaps today, when it looks like my town of Peterborough might soon go to code YELLOW in response to an increase in covid cases, is not the best day to talk about restaurants in any negative way. But – this article is not just a negative piece about noise in restaurants. It notes that making restaurants aware of the problem can lead to some good solutions.

This journal article from 2014 provides much more information on noise in restaurants.

Perhaps this year, which has been so hard on the restaurant industry, is a good time to re-visit how one’s restaurant addresses this problem. In the future, restaurants that survive may need to keep the noise issue in mind when emerging from 2020.

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