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Yes, leafblowers definitely annoy a lot of people.  This link came to me via France. Enjoy it! It hits the nail, quietly, on many heads.


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Leaf Blowers

Leaf blower ban


The town of Beaconsfield, which is part of Montreal, has banned gas powered leaf blowers. (It would appear as though the process and the seeming lack of consultation has annoyed a good number of residents, which is too bad. It would be much better to get people to agree to the ban.) It seems they can still use electric powered blowers. You can read about it here.

This blog discusses the noise generated by leaf blowers and lists a number of communities in the USA that have banned or restricted the use of leaf blowers.

And here is an article that further discusses the issue. This piece points out that not only is the noise an issue, but so is the level of hydrocarbon emissions:

“In 2011, Edmunds, the car reviewer, compared a two-stroke-engine leaf blower with a Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck, finding that a half-hour of yardwork produced the same amount of hydrocarbon emissions as a 3,887-mile drive in the truck. In other words: Blow leaves from your lawn, or drive from Maplewood to Juneau, Alaska. Your choice.” (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/17/realestate/on-banning-on-leaf-blowers.html)

So maybe you can get these noisy machines banned in your community too!  Good luck!

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Misophonia –  again


Here is a piece from someone who is deeply afflicted with misophonia (“hatred of sound”.) (An instance – the chewing of gum by students in a classroom is devastating for her!)

I hope that none of you are so afflicted.  Being bothered by noise is bad enough.  This condition sounds REALLY bad!

You can read the article here.  A helpful NOTE: She provides links to brown, pink, white, green, orange, yellow, red, super deep blue, and purple noise videos, some of which are eleven hours long!  That is a bonus, if you like such noises for background.

You can learn more about misophonia here.



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Apparently narwhals have been hard to track.  But recently, researchers were able to tag six of them with microphones.  Here is a New Yorker article about their findings. You can click on the hot links in the article to hear the Soundcloud recordings of these narwhals.

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Songbirds and Noise in Canada

Now that it is into spring, and birds are out singing, I thought I would connect you to this article about the impact of noise pollution on songbirds. Studies in Manitoba show that certain songbirds are altering their songs in order to be heard over the noise pollution in their environment.



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The Sound of Growing Plants

Well, in particular, the sound of rhubarb growing. Yes, you can hear it grow. At least when it is grown in the dark.

My dear spouse Mary found this link.  You have to check it out.  Firstly, because the sounds are very cool. And secondly, because it is NOT a sound/noise to complain about. Most of us will never have the chance to hear it in real life.  So enjoy the video, and the story.

Here is the link.




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The Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Today’s post is short, but introduces you to a group you probably have not heard of, doing something you probably have not thought of!

(Oh, and belated Happy New Year!)

I discovered this group the other evening when we went to see the documentary film “California Typewriter”.  Here is their description of what they do:

“A collective endeavor which engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire. BTO aims to entertain the masses while providing an outlet for the creative urges of its members.” (http://www.bostontypewriterorchestra.com/)

As you will see/hear, this group uses typewriters to perform music.

Here is an initial link to one of their performances.

If you are interested in knowing more, here is their site.

Perhaps, if you have an old typewriter, you too could do what they do.

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