Bioacoustics (AKA soundscape ecology)

Remember R. Murray Schaffer’s work on soundscape? That work continues as people trace and record and hope/try to save the soundscapes of Earth.

This article from Canadian Geographic is a wonderful overview of this field and the work being done.

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We all know that the world is made up of vibrations. Here is a story to remind us of this fact and to remind us that “nature” is incredibly powerful.

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Sonorous Desert

I just read about this new book by Kim Haines-Eitzen. The book is an attempt to “…understand how early monasticism was shaped by the ’emptiness’ of the desert.” Ms. Haines-Eitzen made field recordings in the deserts of Southern Israel and North America as part of her research. The book contains QR codes that link to the field recordings. “She writes that hearing nuances of desert noises requires a ”deep listening” founded on inner quietness…” (New Yorker, Sept. 19, 2022).

Here she is talking about her work.

And here are videos of some of her field recordings.

Wadi Qelt:

Thundering Desert:

Silence and Sound in the Desert:

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Chimps who drum!

If a tree falls in the forest ….

When a chimp drums in the jungle? What is that all about?

Read about it here. Quite amazing!

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Evil stereo noise in Peterborough!

(Thanks to MJB for the lead!) A man got himself arrested and charged for violating our not very tough noise by-law! Read all about it!

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Noise and Birds (and living things in general!)

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the world is a very, very, very noisy place. Why? Because of humans.

This report on a recent study shows, again, how noise from and around oil wells affects grassland birds. We are a sad species, folks.

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NOT the way to resolve a noise dispute!

Shooting your gun through the floor at your neighbour who is playing piano is NOT how you deal with a noise issue, no matter how annoying it might be to hear piano music all the time. (Thanks to MJB for the lead.)

Read article here.

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Electric Vehicles and Noise

There is a lot of hype these days about how electric vehicles (EVs) will save us all from climate change. (How this will work in real time is unclear. But for now, let’s assume that nations will impose a shift to EVs in the near-ish future, which means we will need to find ways to deal with them.)

One problem with EVs is that they are silent when being driven in cities. This fascinating article from the New Yorker explores this issue. (The problem is of major concern for people who are blind.) The goal is to add external sounds to EVs. The question of course is what kind of sound(s). (I hope you can open the link. IF not, let me know.)

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A Quiet Trail – certified, to boot!

Right over there in Taiwan, they have a 2.5 mile hiking trail that has been certified as a “quiet trail”. It is time to do this in other places too.

(“The accreditation was granted by the US-based Quiet Parks International (QPI), which engages in research and raising public awareness on the benefits and importance of “quietness,” with a view to preserving tranquil urban and natural places.”

You can read the whole article here.

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More about our impact on the planet

This is NOT pleasant information about our species’s affect on Earth. Quite the opposite.

Nor is it just related to noise. It is also about how we pollute the world with light. I was aware of this, but not to the extent Mr. Yong spells out in this article. (I hope the link works for you – it is to The Atlantic site, which has a paywall at a certain point.)

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