White Noise

white noise

Quite a few people use white noise, in some form or another, to block out unwanted sounds/noise. Especially while they sleep.  Recent studies seem to suggest that white noise might in fact be BAD for your brain.  Read about it here. You might want to re-think your use of white noise.

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Music as Torture, again

Just today, there was a new article posted about the use of music as a torture technique in Guantanamo.  You can read it here.


You can also check back on what the Noise Curmudgeon has written before about this issue.

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Clock chiming – have to stop?

Back in the “olden days” bells were rung for many reasons.  They were a central part of the soundscape.  Now, in Delph, Greater Manchester (England), the town’s 119 year old clock may end up being silenced. You can read about it here.


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Hospitals and Noise (again)

Hospitals and Noise – an update

If you have spent time in a hospital, you might have noticed how LOUD they are. (Remember in the olden days, there were signs outside hospitals, telling you to be quiet? Not anymore.  Inside the hospitals may be noisier than outside!)

hospital quiet zone

Here is a link to a recent article about studies in England about noise levels in hospitals as experienced by children who stayed in hospitals.  The conclusion is that the noise levels in the hosptials reduced the sleep time for the children and for their parents who stayed with their children. (The Noise Curmudgeon has written about hospital noise before.)

If you want to read a short piece about the history of noise and hospitals, see this link.

And here is a photo of a sign in a hospital, reminding people that quiet is crucial!

hospital quiet zone in hallway

And here is an article about how one hospital has worked at reducing noise levels. Good for them!  Let’s hope others follow them.

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Probably NOT the best way to deal with noise

Here you can read about how a neighbour dealt with unappreciated noise!

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A wee addition to the most recent post

Yes, leafblowers definitely annoy a lot of people.  This link came to me via France. Enjoy it! It hits the nail, quietly, on many heads.


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Leaf Blowers

Leaf blower ban


The town of Beaconsfield, which is part of Montreal, has banned gas powered leaf blowers. (It would appear as though the process and the seeming lack of consultation has annoyed a good number of residents, which is too bad. It would be much better to get people to agree to the ban.) It seems they can still use electric powered blowers. You can read about it here.

This blog discusses the noise generated by leaf blowers and lists a number of communities in the USA that have banned or restricted the use of leaf blowers.

And here is an article that further discusses the issue. This piece points out that not only is the noise an issue, but so is the level of hydrocarbon emissions:

“In 2011, Edmunds, the car reviewer, compared a two-stroke-engine leaf blower with a Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck, finding that a half-hour of yardwork produced the same amount of hydrocarbon emissions as a 3,887-mile drive in the truck. In other words: Blow leaves from your lawn, or drive from Maplewood to Juneau, Alaska. Your choice.” (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/17/realestate/on-banning-on-leaf-blowers.html)

So maybe you can get these noisy machines banned in your community too!  Good luck!

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