Noise and France

Headshot of Maurice the rooster

The birds have it, this time ’round.  Well, one bird in particular –  Maurice the rooster.  He has had his day in court, and won his case!!

Read more about it and other court cases in France that are about noise.

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Toronto is going to try to tackle auto noise

Noisy car with loud exhaust


The city of Toronto is going to crack down on noisy vehicle noise. Yes, it is.  Really.  As of October 1.  So no more loud revving of your car or motorcycle, no squealing your tires and don’t lean on your horn so much.  Bylaw enforcement officers will be out there, measuring your dB levels. This is a good thing; I am just pessimistic about its effectiveness. But who knows?  And if it works, that would be grand!!!

You can read more about it here.

Image result for loud car noise


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Noisy Cities; Noisiest Cities

Noisy Cities; Noisiest Cities


Guangzhou has been ranked as having the worst levels of noise pollution in the world

A recent study came out, listing the noisiest cities in the world.

Before you read the results, maybe make your own list and see how close you are.

It is also good to scroll down and see their suggestions for reducing noise. There might be some suggestions there that you can implement, for yourself or your city.

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Noise and Cities

Noise and Cities

This is not a new topic for this blog.  But this time I am linking you to another episode from the podcast 99% Invisible.  This podcast has some wonderful episodes – highly recommended.


This particular episode is the first part of a two part series on noise and its impact on people.  This first part is about noise and cities; the second part is about noise in hospitals, which I posted a while ago.  So when you have time, check it out.  And check out some of the other episodes too.

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Noise and Hospitals

Noise pollution in hospitals doesn't just impede communication between doctors and staff, a new editorial argues. It also affects patients' ability to recover and heal.

I have written about noise in hospitals before.  But last night I found this podcast at 99%Invisible (a great podcast by the way) and figured I would post the link here so you can hear it too.  Some very interesting ideas about how to deal with noise issues in hospitals.

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Update on Toronto and Noise

Toronto has a Noise Coalition, which you can join or follow. Here is a link to their site.

Image result for toronto noise coalition

Just today I got an email from TNC, commenting on the recent changes to Toronto’s approach to noise.  (I posted about these changes yesterday.)  It seems TNC is not completely satisfied by the new bylaws.  You can read their update here.

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Toronto Starts

Image result for Toronto noise

Ah – so good to hear that Toronto is going to start addressing noise in the city. Soon there will be more enforcement of the bylaws about noise.  This crackdown will not affect construction noise or emergency vehicles.  BUT – it will go after “noise scofflaws” – those with loud cars, loud stereos, etc.  Mayor Tory cites it as an health issue, talking about how excessive noise affects peoples’ health.  Yep.  You are right, Mr. Mayor. Here is a link to CBC’s piece on it.

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